Concurrent Session Speakers - Oct. 8th

Maddox Casey, CPA
Practice Leader, Healthcare Division
Warren Averett, LLC

Improving Practice Profitability - Unfortunately, many physicians are working harder at their practice but not reaping the rewards.  There are proven strategies to use to increase practice revenue while wisely cutting expenses.  This discussion will provide specific ideas in both areas. Discussion will include topics on cost cutting, increasing revenue and conclusion with defining profitability.

Cameron Cox, III, MHA, FACMPE
MSOC Health

What Is Artificial Intelligence? Should I be worried? - “Siri, make an appointment for my low back pain.” “Alexa, who is the best doctor to handle my cirrhosis?” As if the regulatory changes weren’t enough, we must also compete with technology. This session is an introductory course in defining artificial intelligence. In addition, the presentation will cover the current scope of the various “phases” of the technology and how they apply to healthcare … for the moment. Finally, the presentation will explore and encourage the review and expansion of how artificial intelligence may shift our world of healthcare.

Risha Grant
Speaker, Author, and Internationally Renowned Diversity, Inclusion and Bias Expert

Permission Granted: Getting Rid of the BS (Bias Synapse) - After years of conversations and consultations, research and interviews regarding Diversity & Inclusion — Risha has learned that companies don’t have diversity problems, they have people problems. For too long diversity has been blamed for loss of productivity, discrimination and a litany of other workplace faux pas but diversity has never been the issue, people and their BS are the problem. Join Risha as she discusses what these so-called “diversity” issues come from a term she has coined called Bias Synapse, easily remembered as BS. You know the problem. Getting rid of the BS is the answer.

Cristian H. Lieneck, PhD, FACMPE
Associate Professor, School of Health Admininstration
Texas State University

ACMPE Overview - This session will provide a review of CMPE and FACMPE eligibility criteria, timelines, fees and preparation/best-practice study tips for the Certified Medical Practice Executive (CMPE) exam.

Joe Mull, CSP
Speaker, Author, Commitment Consultant
Joe Mull & Associates

Boss Better: Leading and Supporting People in Challenging Times What do employees need most from their bosses right now? How do I empathetically support employees who are struggling while ensuring the highest standards of performance for our patients? What do I do when a typically reliable employee is suddenly unable to do it all? In this interactive Q&A session, Joe will take your questions about the people management challenges you are facing currently. Bring your questions and join us for a rich discussion of leading people in challenging times.

Margaret Rutherford, PhD
Clinical Psychologist and Author
The Self Work Podcast

Perfectionism and Perfectly Hidden Depression - Many people are raised to believe that painful emotions are a sign of weakness or that being vulnerable feels unsafe. Survival often comes by creating a perfect-looking life, at the expense of being filled with self-criticism and shame and not being able to express emotions like fear, anger, loss, or grief. This groundbreaking topic will help explain the process of understanding perfectionism, identifying destructive beliefs, and connecting with suppressed emotions. It's a great place to learn tangible tips for quieting the critical inner voice and powerful strategies for coping with difficult feelings.